Tips on how to winterize your home

As a homeowner, you’re more than likely keenly aware that winter is coming. But, do you know how to properly prepare for it? There are several things to keep in mind when winterizing your home. We’ve put together a list of those tips to help you get ready for it. Let’s start with preparing the exterior:

How to Winterize the Outside of Your Home

  • Store outside furniture in a safe place whether that be under the porch, in a shed, or simply cover it from the elements.
  • Bring in any outside plants. 
  • Fertilize lawn & plant bulbs for a spring garden.  
  • Have snow shovels & salt on hand. 
  • Turn off all outside water & blow out the sprinkler system. Cover & protect outside ac condensers. 

Each of these tips helps to prepare you for a beautiful spring and summer season as well as save you money on common things that get damaged during harsh winter weather. When protected and cared for properly, there is no need to replace things that make your home look amazing in the warmer months such as furniture and potted plants.

Now on to the inside:

How to Winterize the Inside of Your Home

  • Make sure all flashlights have new batteries.
  • Have chimneys cleaned, service your burner or furnace, and change filters.
  • Inspect your roof & clean all the gutters. 
  • Order firewood and wine.

During the colder months, the inside of your home is the most desirable place to be. Having said that, it is important to prepare it to be as efficient as possible. Alongside all of the prep though, remember to grab your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy the cheer this season brings.

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